Hi! I'm Brittany... midwestern girl with a southern heart, living in the Buckeye state with my husband, Fabyan... a southern gentleman, college sweetheart and love of my life.
We recently found out we're having a BABY and could not be happier!!!
So we created this blog for family and friends... and anyone else who wants to follow us along in this journey of "firsts". Have any questions or comments?! Email me and I'd love to connect! We are newbies and need all the advice we can get :)

sweet baby saxe

The Nursery:)

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  6. twisttingmyhair said: Love it! Very inspiring! I’m obsessed with my nursery and just posted pictures too. It’s still a work in progress. I love you pillow and the mix of prints. I need to buy a crib bumper and get personal items framed.
  7. theladieloves said: Love the pottery barn kids furniture :)
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